ISD expertise

WSM Leshika Consulting – ISD Division is a group of individuals and specialists with a multi-disciplinary background, working in co-operation with the technical project teams. The focus is to integrate the social and technical aspects in the process of sustainable project implementation and system management and providing services of excellent quality, following sound business principles, which, with responsible environmental management, will significantly improve the quality of life. The division provides a service to the project teams through identifying important social aspects in the start-up phase, which are to be incorporated in the project planning and design processes. It aims to assist the project team in appropriate project implementation.

Our ISD Consultants, many of whom have over 10 (ten) years experience and have multi-disciplinary background in their field, are able to offer amongst others, the following specialist skills:

  • Strategic & Corporate Culture Change Facilitation
  • Training Needs Analysis, Development and Management of Training Programmes
  • Management and Supervisory Development
  • Project Management
  • Continuous Performance Improvement
  • Research and Analysis
  • Management Control System Development
  • Business Development Facilitation
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