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Key personnel

The key personnel for projects all have significant and relevant experience and are capable of fulfilling their functions and tasks. A brief description of each is given below:


Carel Haupt

Financial Director, Polokwane Office

Carel Haupt is a registered natural scientist with over 30 years’ experience. He has a post graduate degree in Engineering Geology and specialises in the evaluation of ground water potential and geohydrological mapping.

Carel has worked on geological, engineering geological and geohydrological evaluations for river basin studies, aquifer evaluations, ground water inflow predictions for mines, planning and execution of various ground water projects, the design, development and monitoring of a ground water well fields. He is a founder member of WSM Leshika Consulting (Pty) Ltd and has held the position of Chairman of the Ground water Division of the Geological Society of South Africa as well as an exco member of the South African Chapter of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.


Danny Leshika

Chief Executive Officer, Polokwane Office

An Organisational Developer by profession, Danny Leshika has extensive experience in work study analysis and capacity building projects, especially managing the implementation process. He has a great-passion for Institutional and Social Development (ISD) encompassing aspects of change management, people development, organisational development, diversity management, training and ethical principles in business management.

Danny has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) through University of Limpopo’s Graduate School of Leadership and a Bachelor’s Degree in Administration (B. Admin) through University of Limpopo with a focus in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration.

Danny fills the important role of CEO, and runs the marketing division, as well as heads the company’s ISD Division with emphasis on Project Management, Analysis & Implementation Programmes and Community Participation Programmes. He is a skilled implementation specialist and community facilitator, enjoying interaction with communities and people from different walks of life.

Since 1998, Danny has been and still continues to be a consultant for different private and public sector clients responsible for the continued development and implementation of institutional and social development projects incorporating aspects of: research and analysis; public participation programmes through elected forums; needs assessments and training for – companies’ staff, community organisations and local government officials; total quality improvement and new business development. He has gained extensive experience in managing the social aspects in development and also analysing and implementing the institutional aspects in development, with specific focus on initiatives that increase ownership, identify key issues, fosters meaningful partnerships and mobilises staff and local level commitment.


Daan Truter

Director, Mokopane Office

Daan Truter is a professional engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the civil and agricultural field.  Daan holds an MBL degree from UNISA. He is professionally registered with ECSA as a Professional Engineer, as well as with SACPCMP as a Professional Project Manager.

He heads the engineering department as a whole and is an expert in his field, being responsible for the design and installation of irrigation systems, design and construction of small earth dams, farm structures and bulk water supply planning design and construction, with various exceptional local and international projects successfully planned, managed and implemented, behind his name. He is also a founder member of WSM Leshika Consulting (Pty) Ltd.


Pierre Mouton

Director, Polokwane Office

Pierre Mouton is a geologist who has specialized in hydrogeology and is a registered scientist with over 30 years’ experience.  He is a member of the International Association of Hydrogeologists.

Pierre is also a founder member of WSM Leshika Consulting (Pty) Ltd. He specializes in interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite imagery, field mapping and hydro census, surface geo-physical surveys, down-hole geophysics, drilling supervision, logging, test pumping, aquifer evaluation, water quality evaluation and ground water feasibility studies.

karim sami
karim sami

Karim Sami

Principal Geohydrologist/Tshwane

Mr. Sami is a specialist on groundwater resources. He is a recognised expert in surface-groundwater interactions and has developed the surface-groundwater interaction software used in the WRSM 2000 model (Pitman Model), which is used internationally for rainfall-runoff modelling. The software has been used to evaluate groundwater resources nationwide on a Quaternary Catchment scale for the GRAII groundwater resource assessment project, and the impact of groundwater abstraction on surface water resources. The model has received widespread application in the Letaba, Luvuvhu, Mhlatuze, Crocodile West, Mokolo and Olifants River catchments, and in several dolomitic compartments.

He is also well versed in the evaluation of the sustainable yield of boreholes and has developed and published methodologies and software in this regard. The methodologies have been tested and verified in numerous fractured rock aquifers.

He has pioneered the use of tectonics and structural analysis for groundwater exploration. The techniques have been used to establish high yielding boreholes in regions previously considered to be low yielding, such as the Limpopo Mobile Belt, Barberton Greenstone belt, and the Natal Metamorphic Province.

He has modeled groundwater resources, developed dewatering and land use management plans, for Tshwane and Capricorn Municipalities; Kumba, PPL and Coal of Africa mines; the Department of Trade and Industry, amongst others.

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